Welcome Chapel Hill Residents

Greetings neighbors!

We have entered 2014 and we wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year!


As you know, each year we send out invoices to all homeowners for the annual HOA dues. Quickly, we would like to review what was accomplished last year and we would like to you respond to a quick community survey.
Click here to take survey

  • Major repair to the sprinkler system at the Beltline entrance completed.
  • Removed all graffiti in several locations left by vandals.
  • Maintained lawn at the entrance on Beltline on a regular basis.
  • Developed Chapel Hill Web site to keep you informed.
  • Paid water and electric bill for the entrance on Beltline.
  • Repaired the brick wall at the Cockrell Hill entrance.
  • Decorated the entrance on Beltline during the Christmas holidays.
  • Purchased signs for the volunteer Neighborhood Watch vehicle that patrols the area while you are away from your home.
  • Secured a meeting site at a minimal cost our quarterly community meetings.
  • Paid tribute to the families that were victims of the tragedy on Galleria Drive.

We can continue to more with your continued support!

Your HOA dues over the years have never increased, but much gets accomplished for our community each year. This year we are enclosing a survey for everyone to fill out (homeowners and residents leasing) so we can get a better idea as to how to serve the desires of the Chapel Hill community. Please fill out the survey and return in the stamped envelope with your Chapel Hill HOA dues payment.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at our quarterly meetings.

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