Neighborhood Vandalism

Dear neighbors,

Two weekends ago, the neighborhood was vandalized: newspapers taken from properties and let loose on the streets, and cable boxes broken into and damaged. Those were the obvious signs. Other instances may have occurred in the alleyways. Please report vandalism to the DeSoto Police and Code Enforcement.

After two weeks, we have noticed that the cable boxes that were broken into and damaged remain in that condition. We must encourage our neighbors to report crime and not ignore instances of crime and vandalism in our neighborhood by addressing issues that occur on our own properties. There is no reason that the caps of cable boxes are still left on lawns. It gives the appearance that we, as homeowners, do not care. That perception allows more vandalism to occur. Perhaps you utilize satellite services, and damage to the cable box does not affect you, but if that box is on your property and goes unfixed, it reflects poorly on the entire neighborhood. Let us all take on the role that we, as individuals, must report crime and vandalism and not assume that someone else must have already made a report.