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  1. does anyone know who shot a gun last Friday at 11:52pm in Phase II — scared the you know what out of me and my husband as we were watching a movie. Sounded like they were in my backyard. That’s how close it was and how loud it was and it was not a backfire on some car.

  2. my son in law told me tonight there were home break ins on kinsington by students who kicked in back doors and robbed the homes. please advise if you know of this

    1. Haven’t heard anything about it as yet, but we will look in to it.

    2. Please let your neighbors know that there were 4 break-ins during the last week that the HOA board members know of. There may have been more. They were during the day time. In one instance, a little boy rang the doorbell while two teenagers/adult males tried to kick in the back door while the woman answered the door.

      We will be having a community meeting sometime in December to discuss these issues. Date and time will be announced soon.

  3. thanks

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