Financial Report Available

Greetings Chapel Hill Residents,

Our latest financial report is available. Please look at it to understand what your dues go towards. Often, there are unforeseen expenses, such as an expense not reported as yet on this report to repair the sprinkler system. A break caused our water bill to be just shy of $200. Many of you may not even have a water bill that high for your household.

Our funds are diminishing. We would hate to have the neighborhood look in disrepair because we cannot afford to pay the basic necessities such as lighting the entryway, and watering and cutting the grass.

Financial Reports

Neighborhood Vandalism

Dear neighbors,

Two weekends ago, the neighborhood was vandalized: newspapers taken from properties and let loose on the streets, and cable boxes broken into and damaged. Those were the obvious signs. Other instances may have occurred in the alleyways. Please report vandalism to the DeSoto Police and Code Enforcement.

After two weeks, we have noticed that the cable boxes that were broken into and damaged remain in that condition. We must encourage our neighbors to report crime and not ignore instances of crime and vandalism in our neighborhood by addressing issues that occur on our own properties. There is no reason that the caps of cable boxes are still left on lawns. It gives the appearance that we, as homeowners, do not care. That perception allows more vandalism to occur. Perhaps you utilize satellite services, and damage to the cable box does not affect you, but if that box is on your property and goes unfixed, it reflects poorly on the entire neighborhood. Let us all take on the role that we, as individuals, must report crime and vandalism and not assume that someone else must have already made a report.

Movies in the Park Return to DeSoto

The first movie will be this Friday, July 10th at 8:30 pm- Annie
For a complete list of showings, please click the link below.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

There will be two garage sales in the neighborhood this weekend. Both are on Carriage Creek Drive this Saturday, June 13th. Support your neighbors and spread the word to your friends and family.

The garage sale at 1280 Carriage Creek Drive (at the corner of Carriage Creek and Cockrell Hill) will benefit the youth group at Metro Southwinds Fellowship Church on Belt Line Rd. They are also taking donations to help raise money.

If you would like to have a garage sale, a permit is required from the City of DeSoto. Please read the information here and then fill out the permit. 

For a list of garage sales across DeSoto, click here.

Financial Summary Available

On Saturday, the Board held a community meeting where the financial summary for the past year was presented. It was expressed that we really need residents to pay their HOA dues so that we can continue to pay our mandatory expenses such as the electricity to light the entryway, water for the grass and flower beds (Which will be replanted soon), cutting the grass, and paying the property taxes for the dividing wall.

Click here to view the financial report

Community Meeting May 16th

The next community meeting will be held on May 16th at 11 am at the Metro Southwinds Fellowship Church.

We will discuss the HOA finances, past spending, future spending needs, community enhancement and interactions, and more.

If you have not yet paid your dues, you may bring your checks to the meeting.  Dues are only $52.50 PER YEAR compared to other communities that pay much more per month.

Bring your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

See you this Saturday.

HOA Dues

Greetings neighbors,

By now, everyone should have received an updated invoice for HOA dues. Dues are $52.50 per year, which is extremely inexpensive, but they dues can go a long way for neighborhood improvement. The letter you receive in the mail explains some of the things that the HOA board has been able to accomplish over the past year.

If there are any questions, please contact us.


Thank you

Financial Report Available

Happy Fall everyone. Hopefully it will now start to actually feel like Fall for those who have been awaiting cooler weather. Halloween is this weekend, so please remember to stay safe, and accompany your children this Friday to ensure their safety as it gets dark outside.

The latest financial report is available for your information. Don’t forget that you may also sign up for a committee.

Neighborhood Update

Hello Neighbors,

Don’t forget about DeSoto Night Out at Elerson Park tonight at 7 pm.

Also, new entryway lights have been installed at Chapel Hill & Beltine. These lights should be consistent as the lights and the work has come with a 5 year warranty.

See you tonight.

Desoto night out tomorrow

Hello neighbors,

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Desoto night out.  Our community will get together at 7pm at Elerson Park. Please come join us, even if just for a few minutes.  Please let your neighbors know.

See you on Tuesday.


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